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Road Conditions
Chain/Snow Level 2 Icon  Chains or Snow Tires Required
Chain/Snow Level 3 Icon  Chains Required, All Vehicles Except 4-Wheel Drive with Snow Tires
Chain/Snow Level 4 Icon  Avalanche Control, Holding Traffic
Chain/Snow Level 5 Icon  Road Closed, Avalanche Control
Chain/Snow Level 6 Icon  Road Closed
Over Dimension:
Over Dimension Level 1 Icon  Oversized Load
High Winds Level 1 Icon  High Winds-Large Trucks Prohibited, Buses, RV's and Trailers Not Advised
High Winds Level 2 Icon  Wind Alert-High Profile Vehicles Use Caution
High Winds Level 3 Icon  High Winds-Trucks, Buses, Trailers and RV's Prohibited
High Winds Level 4 Icon  High Winds-Vehicles Over 9 Feet High Are Prohibited
Live Traffic Speed
Free Flow Icon  Free Flow
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Heavy Traffic Icon  Heavy Traffic
Stop and Go Icon  Stop and Go
No Information Icon  No Information

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