About 511 Nevada Website

The www.nvroads.com website was designed to complement the 511 Nevada telephone service. It provides an easy, user friendly way for commuters to see where incidents, accidents, congestion and events like weather and construction are happening before they leave their office or home.  The website employs interactive widgets, as well as the more traditional tabs across the top of the page, to interact with and access the region’s transportation information. Below is a summary of the features and functions of the 511 Nevada widgets, followed by a description of the site menu tabs and finally, answers to some general 511 Nevada website frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The 511 Nevada partner agencies appreciate your interest in 511 Nevada and look forward to hearing your feedback on the site.

511 Nevada Website Feature List

  • 511 Nevada Interactive Map

  • Severity Alert Widget

  • 511 Nevada Website Navigation Menu

511 Nevada Website FAQ

  • How do I use the map?

  • Can I select items displayed on the map?

  • What do all the road conditions colors mean and how do I find out?

  • How are the different congestion levels shown in the Traffic Congestion layer translated into speeds?

  • What browser versions does the 511 Nevada website support?

  • What are cookies and why are they used on the website?

  • Is there a mobile app?