About 511 Nevada Phone Service

Sometimes you don't have access to a computer, but need transportation information fast. In such cases, dialing 511 on the telephone can help you find all the necessary information regarding area road conditions. 511 Nevada is available through landline and wireless phones.

This list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) is designed to assist you in better understanding:

  • how the 511 Nevada phone system works;
  • the information it provides; and
  • the most efficient ways to access the information.
If your question is not listed here or you can't find the information you need, please contact us or submit a suggestion or comment.

511 Nevada Phone Service FAQ

  • Is there a cost to access 511 Nevada?

  • How do I use the 511 Nevada System?

  • What do I do when the system cannot recognize what I am saying?

  • What are the tricks for navigating the system faster and more efficiently?

  • What if the system is busy when I call?

  • Who do I call to report a roadside emergency?

  • If I am traveling outside of Nevada, how do I connect to other state travel information phone services?

  • Why do I not reach the 511 Nevada system when I dial 511?

  • How do I give my feedback on the 511 Nevada service?

  • How can I reach the Nevada Department of Transportation directly?